Add Collaborators to your Organization

If you are an admin of your organization, you are able to add collaborators to your organization.

1. Go to your organization management page

When logged into your Strateos account, click on your organization's name in the top-right of the navigation bar. Then under "Current Organization" click "Manage"


2. Click add new collaborator...

In the overview of your organization, you will see a list of all of your existing collaborators. At the bottom of the list click "Add new collaborator..."


3. Enter collaborator's name and email address

After clicking "Add New Collaborator..." you will then have 3 input fields. In the first, enter the person's first and last name. In the second field, enter the person's email address. See the next section for the third input.

4. Choose collaborator's access level

In the final field, you can choose your collaborator's access rights. Administrators have the added benefit of being able to add collaborators to the organization and view the billing information for your organization. To change an existing user's access rights, please get in touch with your Strateos account manager.

Once all of the inputs are satisfied you can click create and the collaborator will be send an email invitation to join your organization.

What’s Next

Help your new collaborator set up their account by directing here: