What Is a Protocol?

Strateos protocols are written using the Autoprotocol standard.

A protocol is a list of specific instructions for our automation to follow. Our machines only understand these instructions in the form of Autoprotocol. You have several options for generating protocols through our website and using code of your own. Protocols are used to generate runs, or individual incidences of execution of a given protocol.

Using the UI to Launch a Protocol

Strateos provides a core library of protocols that will be visible by default when you click on the "Launch a Run" button from within any project. Selecting one of these protocols allows you to change certain parameters for what will be executed and choose samples from your inventory to execute it on (if applicable).


Launching a Protocol is as simple as filling out a few fields by searching for aliquots in your inventory and/or entering values and clicking "Next".


On the next screen you'll be able to see an overview of the steps that will be executed and the cost of your run before you launch it.


Protocol Validation

If a protocol has been thoroughly validated by Strateos, you'll see a check mark next to it in the Protocol Browser as above. From a validated protocol's detail view, you can click on the "Representative Data" link to view a PDF

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