Instruction and Parameters

Centrifugation is exactly what it sounds like. Only one container can be included per spin instruction. If multiple consecutive spin instructions are submitted for multiple containers, microplate containers will be spun separately, while up to 12 micro-1.5 or micro-2.0 tubes can be spun simultaneously. Using microplates to centrifuge aliquots is recommended where possible. The units of acceleration available are g (multiple of gravitational acceleration g at Earth's surface) or meter/second^2. For example, these might be expressed as "1000:g" or "9800:meter/second^2".

  "op": "spin",
  "object": container,
  "acceleration": acceleration,
  "duration": duration


We currently use an Bionex HiG, which can achieve a maximum speed of 4000 x g while tolerating a maximum load of 300 grams and an imbalance of 50 grams. Check container capabilities to see which plates are compatible with this centrifuge.

Strateos will automatically balance the plate specified in the instruction based on its dry weight and the volume of each aliquot.