Creating Compounds


Beta Feature

Note that the compounds feature is currently in Beta, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance

To create a new compound in your collection click the "Register Compound" button in the top right of the compounds view. Then follow the prompts.


Molecule creation button

Molecule Sketching

A user can create a compound by either drawing it in a sketching tool or uploading a compound in either SMILES or SD format. In its current incarnation, Strateos has enabled single compound uploads, while in future releases it will include both drawing and bulk uploads. Once a user creates a compound they can assign it to a container such as a vial from the inventory.

When creating molecules you can also use the molecule sketcher. Here you can use individual tools to sketch the molecule, directly edit the SMILES string or upload a molecule via an .SD file.

Molecule sketcher


Strateos Molecule Sketching Tool