Instruction and Parameters

Measure Concentration

Returns a dataref containing a concentration in the form of X ng/uL in addition to a 260/280 ratio of type float. The concentration and quality will be appended as properties on the aliquot measured.



This instruction is currently in beta development. Measurement of nucleic acid concentration using measure_concentration is under full control of autoprotocol, however, concentration measurement applications have not been validated on the system. Development of your own concentration measurements should proceed with care and caution. The Picogreen Assay can be used as an alternative method to measure DNA concentration.

    "op": "measure_concentration",
    "object": [aliquots],
    "volume": volume,   // default: "2:microliter"
    "dataref": string,
    "measurement": DNA | ssDNA | RNA | protein

Measure Volume

Returns a dataref containing a volume in the form of X uL. The volume will be updated on the aliquot measured. The measure_volume instruction should only be used on aliquots in 96-pcr, 96-flat, micro-1.5, or micro-2.0 container types.

    "op": "measure_volume",
    "object": [aliquots],
    "dataref": string

Measure Mass

Returns a dataref containing a mass in the form of X g. The mass will be appended to the container measured.

    "op": "measure_mass",
    "object": [containers],
    "dataref": string


The measure_concentration instruction is handled on a NanoDrop Lite Spectrophotometer. The NanoDrop uses 1-2 μL of sample to measure the concentration of nucleic acids and purified protein. Nucleic acid concentration is measured at 260 nm and nucleic acid purity using the 260/280 nm ratio. Purified protein concentration is measured at 280 nm.

More information on the NanoDrop can be found here.

The measure_volume instruction is handled on the BioNex BeeSure Level Sensing System. More information on the BeeSure can be found here.

The measure_mass instruction is handled on either a Intell-Lab PX-200 Analytical Balance or a Tree Electronic Precision Balance High Resolution Scale HRB-SG-602.

The manual for the Intell-Lab PX-200 can be found here. More information on the Tree Electronic balance can be found here.