Molecule Sketcher

The molecule sketching tool includes basic features of molecular drawing, such as single and double bonds, erasers and translating tools, wedges to display stereochemistry and different elements.


Guide to the molecule sketcher

Single BondClick or drag to draw a single Carbon bond, click on existing bonds to make double and triple and crossed bonds.
Multi-node bondClick and drag to draw an alkane chain of Carbon
Multi-atom ringsMultiple options for carbon ring systems
Above the plane bondDraws a bond coming out of the plane
Below the plane bondDraws a bond going into the plane
Charge modifiersAnd positive or negative charge modifiers to atom nodes
Common ElementsMost commonly used elements, select your chosen element and paint it onto nodes that have been drawn
Other ElementsFor other elements select this tool, then click on the atom node you want to change, from there type in the elemental abbreviation
SMILES editorThis field populates as you draw molecules, you can also type in this field to modify the SMILES string and see the resulting structure in the canvas
File uploadClick to upload a .sd or .smi containing a single compound
EraserDeletes nodes and edges of the molecule graph as you click on the structure
ZoomSelect this tool and click and drag on the canvas to change the scale of the structure
LassoClick on drag on the canvas to draw around multiple atoms and bonds
TrashDelete the structure on the canvas
Undo last stepUndo your last step
Beautify structureNormalize bond lengths and angles, and fit the structure to the canvas.