Pipetting Tools - Cherry Pick


This protocol allows the transfer of volumes of aliquots from specific locations in a source plate to specific locations in a destination plate.

Sample requirements

Source ContainerA container from your Inventory with aliquots that you wish to transfer.
Destination ContainerA container, new or from your Inventory, to which you wish to transfer aliquots.

Required parameters


Cherry pick uses transfer

Cherry pick uses a single channel pipette to perform the liquid handling. To learn more about single channel liquid handling and the transfer command, please see here

Cherry Pick SetsA cherry pick set defines all parameters for a set of transfers from one source plate to one destination plate. Additional cherry pick sets may be specified by clicking the 'Add Cherry Pick Sets' link at the bottom of the current cherry pick set.
Confirm Source VolumesConfirm that your source wells have sufficient volume to execute the specified transfer. If unchecked the protocol will be executed even if some wells do not have the required volume.
Destination ContainerSelect either a new container or a container from your inventory to contain the transfer volume from the source quadrant.

'Create a new destination plate' allows you to transfer aliquots to any location in the new container or combine aliquots in the new container.

'Sequentially transfer cherry picked samples to a new container' will automatically transfer aliquots one by one to successive wells in a new container.
New Plate Name (new container)The name for the resulting new container.
Storage ConditionThe storage temperature you require for the new container: either cold_80, cold_20, cold_4 or ambient.
Container Type (new container)The container type for the new container. Select from 96-pcr, 96-flat, 96-deep, 384-pcr, 384-flat or 384-echo.
Upload Transfer MapFor 'Create a new destination plate', specify the source well, destination well, and transfer volume (see 'Use this template' next to the upload box).

For 'Sequentially transfer cherry picked samples to a new container', specify the source well and transfer volume (see 'Use this template' next to the upload box).

Protocol outputs

This protocol outputs either a new container or an existing container with the specified aliquots and volumes transferred from the source container to the destination container. New containers will be stored in your Inventory at the specified storage condition. Existing containers will be returned to the storage condition from which they came.

No measurement data is returned by this protocol.

Recommended guidelines

Ensure you are aware of the dead volume in your source container. Dead volumes can be found in the containers section here. Failure to take into account dead volumes can result in insufficient volume being pipetted.