Pipetting Tools - Resuspend


This protocol takes a volume of an aliquot and dilutes it into a new container with a choice of diluent from the Strateos reagent library or from your own inventory.

Sample requirements

Samples to resuspendAn aliquot that you wish to have resuspended
Diluent (from inventory)An aliquot of a liquid sample that you wish to use to resuspend your other sample

Required parameters


Resuspend uses transfer

Resuspend uses a single channel pipette to perform the liquid handling. To learn more about single channel liquid handling and the transfer command, please see here

Sample (group)A sample group defines all parameters for a single resuspension. Additional resuspensions may be specified by clicking the 'Add Samples to Resuspend' link at the bottom of the Sample group.
Diluent volumeThe volume of diluent to be added to the sample to be resuspended
Spin before resuspendingSelect this option if you would like to spin the container before resuspending.
DiluentSelect either a diluent from the reagent library or from your inventory.

From the library both water and TE Buffer are available.

From your inventory select an aliquot.

Protocol outputs

This protocol outputs the aliquot of resuspended sample which is stored in Inventory at the specified storage condition. Any aliquots used in the making of the resuspension will be returned to the storage condition from which they came.

No measurement data is returned by this protocol.

Recommended guidelines

Ensure you are aware of the dead volume in the container being used for the diluent (if you are using a diluent from your inventory). Dead volumes can be found in the containers section here. Failure to take into account dead volumes can result in insufficient volume being pipetted.