Provision Resource


The Provision Resource protocol allows resources to be provisioned from the Strateos resource catalog and placed into your Inventory for future use.

Sample requirements


This protocol does not require any sample inputs

Required parameters

Resource to provision (group)A resource group defines all parameters for a single resource. Additional resources to provision may be specified by clicking the 'Add Resource to provision' link at the bottom of the resource group.
New container nameThe name for the new aliquot consisting of the provisioned resource.
Resource IDThe resource id from the Transcriptic resource catalog for the resource to be provisioned.
Volume to reserve, maximum 1485 uLThe volume of resource to be provisioned. Resources are provisioned into a micro-1.5 tube with a maximum capacity of 1500uL. The dead volume (15uL) of the tube is automatically added to the resource being provisioned.
Storage condition for provisioned aliquotThe storage temperature you require for the diluted sample: either cold_80, cold_20, cold_4 or ambient.

Protocol outputs

This protocol outputs new aliquot of the provisioned resource which is stored in your Inventory at the specified storage condition.

No measurement data is returned by this protocol.

Recommended guidelines

Please be aware that 15uL is automatically added to the volume being reserved to accont for the 1.5uL dead volume of micro-1.5 tubes. This is to ensure that the entire reserved volume is accesible for future use. For more information on the micro-1.5 tube and dead volumes, please see Containers.

Further reading

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