Reagent Dispensing

Instruction and Parameters

  "op": "dispense",
  "object": "sample_plate",
  "resource_id": "rs17gmh5wafm5p",
  "columns": [
    { "column": 0, "volume": "50:microliter" },
    { "column": 4, "volume": "100:microliter" },
    { "column": 8, "volume": "1:milliliter" },
    { "column": 11, "volume": "2:milliliter" }

Strateos carries a set of standard reagents that can be distributed onto a plate. Reagents are dispensed in 5uL increments from 250mL or 500mL bottles. These bottles have a dead volume of approximately 5mL, which means the last 5mL cannot be used.

Before a given reagent dispenser can be used during a run, it must be primed to ensure accurate volume dispensing. This process consumes an additional 2 mL of reagent. Priming must be repeated after 6 hours of inactivity.

Available reagents are listed below, along with their corresponding resource ids:

1x PBS
100 ug/ml Orange G dye
(other dye concentrations will not be supported moving forward, except for legacy protocols)


This instruction uses the Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser from Thermo Scientific.
In its configuration at Strateos, it supports a volume range from 5uL to 2ml in 5uL increments, and can support all plate types. A 96 well plate can be filled with 20uL of solution in 4 seconds, a 384-well plate in 9 seconds.

We observe the following dispensing precisions and accuracies:

VolumePrecision (Coefficient of Variation)Accuracy
5uL≤ 10%± 10%
20uL≤ 1.5%± 2%
100uL≤ 1%± 1%
> 100uL≤ 1%± 1%