Provisioning Resources


List of Available Resources

Go to to browse available resources and obtain resource IDs.

Strateos keeps a common stock of reagents available for developers who are writing their own protocols to provision from within their code. If you're launching protocols through the protocol browser (clicking on "Launch a Run" from within a project), the appropriate reagents for each protocol are automatically provisioned within the run, all you need to input is your samples.

For custom reagents, please see "Shipping Commercial Reagents to Strateos".

Using provision As a Developer

For developers, using the provision instruction allows you to reserve an arbitrary volume of a resource in our catalog into any container type.

Provisionable reagents are charged based on the fraction of the total kit provisioned. Therefore, the most economical solution is to create an initial run to provision resources you anticipate needing in future runs into containers.


6- and 1-well Agar-Filled Plate Exception

The provision instruction does not apply to agar-filled plates. Those resources specifically still use the old reservation system. Click here to see a code example for referencing these types of plates.

Instruction and Parameters

      "to": [
          "volume": "500.0:microliter", 
          "well": "my_tube/0"
      "op": "provision", 
      "resource_id": "rsXXXXXXXX"  

Resource IDs can be found within the detailed view of each resource here