Return Shipments

This document describes how you can ship samples currently in your inventory to your address.

There comes a time where it might be nescessary that you need to request containers currently in your Strateos inventory to be sent back to you. This may be the case if you are performing any sort of sample creation or you need to retrieve samples in order to undertake further analysis not available on the Strateos platform.

The process for requesting a return shipment is very straightforward.


Selected containers only

Return shipments only support sealable containers. Sealable containers are 1.5mL and 2mL microcentrifuge micro-1.5, micro-2.0 tubes and 96 well PCR plates 96-pcr.

Selecting containers for shipping

  1. Navigate to your Strateos inventory
  2. Locate the container you wish to have shipped back to you by searching or browsing for it
  3. Once you have found your container click it to view its contents
  4. When in the container view click the options cog in the top right
  5. From the options select Ship Container

The Ship Container option is located under the options cog when viewing a container.

  1. Once you click Ship Container, the container is added to your basket.
  2. Containers currently in your basket are denoted by a label next to the options cog.

Items currently in your cart are labeled so.

  1. Your current basket status is indicated in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. From here you can opt to Ship or Empty the contents of the basket.
  3. Empty will remove all containers from the basket.
  4. Ship will launch the shipping process.

The shipping cart

Shipping your containers

  1. Clicking Ship from the basket, launches the checkout dialogue
  2. From here work through the steps, note current storage conditions are indicated next to the samples

Confirm your containers to be shipped back to you.

  1. Select your delivery options and delivery address. Consider the appropriate temperature for your samples.


International Shipping

Shipping via the app currently supports only shipping within the US. For international shipping, contact support on [email protected].


Confirm your delivery options.

  1. Finally, review your shipment. Then click Authorize to approve it.

That's it, you're done!

For more information on containers, please check here and samples here.