In your Strateos inventory, a Sample (or Aliquot) refers to a physical quantity of liquid in a Container (a tube or SBS-format microplate). Everything that happens to a sample is recorded and is available in that sample's history, including pipetting operations, data generated by runs and sensor data from storage conditions.

A sample is uniquely identified by its container ID (starting with "ct") and its well index (e.g. "D7"). A sample never moves from one container to another: if a volume is pipetted into a new well, it is considered to be a new sample.

The theoretical volume of every sample is updated whenever a pipetting operation occurs, but the process of pipetting itself and/or other operations (e.g. incubating at room temperature for 10 hours without a lid) may alter the true volume of the sample in unpredictable ways. Make sure to account for any such volume changes in your protocol design.

Specific samples and containers can be located via search in your organization's inventory tab.


Along with their theoretical volume, aliquots can possess editable, custom properties as metadata.


Aliquots can be viewed in the context of the plate where they exist, along with information about runs they've been involved in and their history.