Setting Up Your Organization

Creating your organization

To sign up for the Strateos Platform, please contact us and we will work on setting up an organization for your account.

Adding a payment method


In order to launch runs, you need to enter a commercial mailing address and set up a payment method. Click on your organization's name in the upper right corner, click on "Manage" to edit your organization's details. Click on the "Billing" tab and then "Add Payment Method" to enter your payment information (credit card or a purchase order).


All mailing addresses must be approved by Strateos. Only commercial addresses will be approved. Strateos does NOT send or receive samples to/from residential addresses.

You can pay for your Strateos experiments with either a credit/debit card or a purchase order from your company or institution. Please see the video below on how to add your payment method.

Payments FAQ

Q. What should I put for expiry date for a purchase order?
A. Some institutions impose expiry dates on purchase orders, if it isn't visible on the purchase order you may need to ask your accounts payable department. If the purchase order does not have an imposed expiration date you can set this yourself to a date of your choosing.

Q. Does the purchase order get billed straight away?
A. No, your organization will be billed at the end of the month for all services rendered at Strateos unless otherwise notified.

Q. My purchase order still shows a positive balance, why can't a launch any runs?
A. Because all costs are billed at the end of the month your purchase order may still show a positive balance even when the value of the purchase order has been completely used. To continue launching runs please add an alternative payment method.

Q. Invoices shouldn't be sent to me how do I add the correct person to receive invoices by email?
A. You can add a billing contact on the billing page of your organization, just put in the name for the contact and their email address and each month the invoice will be sent there.