Storage Environments

Storage Environments at Strateos

When samples are not directly involved in a run currently being executed they are stored in your private inventory at Strateos at the storage location specified at the creation of the container. Storage environments have a number of properties, including temperature, humidity and container compatibility restrictions.

NameTemperature / mean, min, maxCompatible ContainersNotes
warm_3736.5C, 36C, 37CAll see Containers
ambient22.5C, 22C, 23CAll see Containers
cold_44C, 2.5C, 4.5CAll see Containers
cold_20-22C, -22.5C, -20CAll see Containers
cold_80-80C, NA, NAcryo-2.0
cold_196-196Ccryo-2.0Only compatible with mammalian cells. Restricted access request via [email protected]


37 degrees Celsius actively heated environment


"Room" temperature environment for samples that aren't particularly sensitive to temperature


Refrigerated 4 degrees Celsius environment


Refrigerated -20 degrees Celsius environment.


Deep freeze refrigerated storage at -80 degrees Celsius


Cryogenic storage environment achieved with liquid nitrogen suitable for mammalian cells only inside cryogenic cryo-2.0 tubes.