Evaluating Protocols & Launching Runs

Previewing Protocol Output

Previewing a protocol supplies a script with parameters supplied in the "preview" section of a manifest.json file. Read more about this below.


Analyzing a Protocol

To check whether your Autoprotocol is valid using Strateos's server-side checker, pipe any script that prints Autoprotocol to STDOUT to transcriptic analyze:

$ python my_protocol.py | transcriptic analyze
✓ Protocol analyzed
  2 instructions
  1 container

Launching a Run from a Protocol

Supply a project name or id to submit a run to:

542 1425

Launching a Run in Test Mode

The --test flag allows a run to be submitted in test mode, meaning it will never be executed

$ python my_protocol.py | transcriptic submit --project "sequencing" --title "Sequencing run" --test

Translating a Protocol to English

Pipe any valid Autoprotocol to transcriptic summarize to get a summary of each step: