What Is a Run?

A run is a record of execution in Strateos lab environment.

A run is a specific instance of the execution of a given protocol. A run is composed of a sequence of instructions, which will be executed in order (with some parallelization where possible). Once a run is created, it is added to our execution queue and will be started as soon as capacity becomes available on a work cell.

All runs, including those currently in progress, are listed within their associated project folder. For runs in progress, navigate to the run view to monitor their progress. Individual steps will turn green in real time as they are completed.

The "Conversation" tab can be used to communicate with others in your team about a specific run. Runs can also be flagged to alert Strateos staff that there might be an issue with how a run was executed.


The "Containers" tab shows you a representation of the containers used in your run and approximate volumes within them.


If your run was data-producing, you can view what was returned via the "Results" tab within a run